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We need to redefine the role of the adult, not as a transmitter [of knowledge] but as a creator of relationships:

relationships not only between people, but also between things, between thoughts, with the environment.

Loris Malaguzzi

Just as each child has a unique developmental path; each teacher, administrator, and school has a unique professional journey.  Professional growth and learning, like children's understanding of themselves and the world, does not occur in isolation.  It evolves through relationships with people, materials, and ideas.


The values and attitudes that infuse my approach to teaching - joy, respect, collaboration, curiosity, and creativity - are also the foundation of my work as a consultant and mentor.  In both settings, my role is not to give answers; but rather to listen, ask questions, provide resources, offer possibilities, encourage reflection, and facilitate dialogue to strengthen learning with and from each other.

It would be a privilege to support your work with, and on behalf of, young children and their families.